5 Important Steps for Home Buyers

1. Use a Buyer’s Agent
Find someone you can trust to help you through the home buying process. It’s one of the most complex financial transactions you’ll ever make, having a professional by your side can save you lots of time, money and unnecessary hassle.

2. Set Clear Goals
Make a list of the things you absolutely can’t live without and a list of what you would like to have. This way you can create a realistic idea of the home you’d like to buy and can refine your lists as your search progresses.

3. Get Loan Pre-Approval
Make sure you have all the facts about your credit report and what loan program you qualify for BEFORE sitting down at the negotiating table. It’s free to pull the report and to close you’ll need a pre-approval letter to submit with your offer.

4. Shop Mortgages
Even small percentage differences can have a huge impact over the long term. Be sure to do some research and compare rates before settling on a loan.

5. Do a Home Inspection
You don’t want any surprises after closing, so hire a reputable home inspector after submitting your offer. You may want to include any repairs into your negotiation, just be sure to do a walk through before finishing the paperwork to ensure everything has been taken care of as requested.

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