Pro Packing Tips

Once you’ve found and purchased the perfect new home set yourself up for an easy move with these pro packing tips.

1. Give yourself a head start.

Generally it’s good to start packing two to three weeks out from the move, or more if you have the time. Box up lesser used items (china, out of season clothes, etc.) first. Packing always takes more time than you’d think and being prepared makes for a less stressful moving day.

2. Save money on boxes.

Often times you can find free boxes in classified adds like craigslist or from local retails or grocery stores. Also, Uhaul has a “Take a Box, Leave a Box” recycling program where you can pick up boxes other customers used for free and drop off your own after your move!

Check it out here:


3. Have a plan.

Think about what you’ll need for the first couple of days in your new home (a change of clothes, sheets, toiletries, basic kitchen items) and pack those items together. It’s a good idea to put a special symbol or label on these box so they can be easily found.

4. Set up a packing station.

Dedicate a room or spot in your home to be your packing area. Keep all your boxes, newspapers/packing material, tape, sharpies there so you can easily find what you need. Organization is key!

5. Label *everything.*

After you move you won’t want to have to go on a scavenger hunt at your new place. Be sure to label all boxes on two sides with the room the items belong in. It’s also helpful to list the main items on the side of the box. Label fragile boxes as well to remind movers (and yourself!) that the contents are breakable.

6. Save your back.

Be careful not to fill large boxes with tons of heavy items. It’s better to fill big boxes with light items and save the smaller ones for books and heavy pieces. Not only will your boxes be easier to carry, but you won’t run the risk of the bottom of one of them breaking on you during the move.

7. Find extra padding.

Blankets and towels are excellent for wrapping around breakables in boxes. You can also use them to help secure larger items like mirrors by wrapping them and tapping them into place.

8. Trash bags aren’t just for trash.

Large heavy duty trash bags are a great way transport non-breakable items like clothes, blankets, pillows, etc. You’ll save your boxes and can squish the trash bags into the extra space in your moving van or truck. They’re also great to have them on hand for clean up.

9. Be ready for the move.

Whether you’ve hired movers or have a group of good friends coming to help it’s best to be as prepared as possible ahead of time. Take apart furniture (and tape any screws or bolts to them), roll up rugs, and be sure everything is packed and ready to go. You’ll spend less time moving and save money on movers/truck rentals.

Now that you’ve got a plan it’s time to get up and get packing!

(Or if you’re not there yet… let us help you find your next home.